Step-By-Step video on Making Candles

Here is a 1-minute Step-By-Step Video on how to make your own candle. 

Descriptions Follow right below.

Step 1: Attach the wick

Chose the container you would like to use for this candle. Take a wick from the kit. Our wicks are specifically selected for the jar sizes in the kit. Place a glue dot at the base of the wick and then press the wick’s base on the inside center of the jar. To keep your wick in place during the pour, we provided a simple entering tool to hold the wick. We suggest you fold the wick 90 against it to keep it nice and tight. 

Step 2: Melt the Wax

Do not use direct heat when melting the wax!

Protect your workspace with old newspapers or cloths. Wax tends to be sticky and messy.

Fill a saucepan with 2 to 3 inches of water and bring to a soft boil. Empty the contents of one pre-measured bag into the provided glass melting pot.

Place the glass pot in the pan of hot water (If it floats, just remove a bit of water). While the wax is melting, stir the wax pellets once in a while. You will notice the beeswax pellets will melt last.

Stir the wax until it reaches 80°C or 180°F. The thermometer has both units. Now jump to Step 3

Step 4: Pour the wax

Before you pour your candle, make sure all your heat sources are off. You shouldn’t need any heat sources from now on. Holding the melting pot in your hand, stir the wax with the provided popsicle stick and take temperature measurements regularly. The temperature drops quite quickly when stirring. When the mixture reaches 65°C (150°F) start pouring. You can use the thermometer at the tip of the melting pot to help direct the wax (See picture below). Doing this helps to avoid air bubbles and splash. It also helps direct your pouring and that no drip back occurs.

Step 5: WAIT

Now your candle is poured. Congratulations! Let it set at room temperature for at least one hour. You will be able to handle your candle then. You can clean your equipment in the meantime, or start making another candle.

Can’t wait to light it up? Before you do so, to make sure the candle is fully cured, WAIT for 48hrs! You will be able to enjoy the candle’s fragrance in the meantime.

STEP 6: Decorate

You can do this before pouring your candle, or after it has finished setting. I would say, the whole purpose of creativity is to do things without instructions… so that being said. Get creative!!!

 Download the PDF version of the instructions link
2 candles set (English) PDF
Ensemble de 2 chandelles (Français) PDF
4 candles set (English) PDF
Ensemble de 4 chandelles (Français) PDF